• Renaissance Place Login Screen

    Renaissance Place Login Screen

    Renaissance Place contains useful products such as Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, English in a Flash, Math Facts in a Flash, Star Reading, Star Math, and Star Early Literacy. This is used as a district standard.

    Suggested by: Mike Rodriguez

    Posted by Michael Rodriguez @ 12:00 am

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Typing w/Hand Placement

Super Brainiac

Coming Soon!

We're proud to announce our new site launching in the next few months. Super Brainiac and the misadventures of his arch nemesis Dr. Maniac will help students laugh and learn at all grade levels. Super Brainiac gets his powers with the help of his little Brainiacs. The more questions they answer correctly, the more powerful he becomes! Can you help Super Brainiac defeat Dr. Maniac and save the day?

Be sure to join Super Brainiac, Dr. Maniac, Spelling Bee, Miss Spell, and the whole gang in the coming months.

All educational games, resources, and activities will be categorized by state and core education standards and be accessible to the visually and hearing impaired.

Stay tuned for more info!